We provide high end scientific equipment for advanced research laboratories. Our services include consulting, supply from internationally renowned brands, installation, commissioning, training and after sales.


We help industrial companies to perform quality control / quality assurance in order to maintain high standards of manufacturing, which ensures that the final product reflects these high standards and satisfies the customer's needs.


We supply educational and training equipment for universities and vocational institutions, which enables the students to acquire basic scientific knowledge as well as practical and applied skills that make them prepared for the world of work.

Who We Are. What We Do

NOVICONCEPT is a limited liability company located in Algeria, specializing in sales and distribution of scientific instruments and technical equipment. Our main customers are universities, research centers, and industrial companies across the Algerian territory.

About Us

Our dedicated team has many years experience in laboratory supply and gained considerable knowhow in supplying to a demanding customer base. We can advise on the most appropriate and cost effective systems to meet our clients’ needs. Our staff comprises very well educated people with high technical and management skills.
Our business strategy consists mainly in answering the tenders issued by public and private institutions in Algeria, as well as responding to specific inquiries from a wide range of customers. We regularly launch marketing campaigns targeting different segments of the industrial sector to promote the products of our partners.
Our expertise is in the fields of analytical instrumentation dedicated to advanced research laboratories, educational and training equipment for universities and vocational institutions, as well as R&D and quality control / quality assurance equipment for a broad range of industries.
NOVICONCEPT is continuously developing mutual beneficial partnerships with leading international companies in the field of scientific and technical instrumentation. We provide internationally recognized brands with reputations for product quality and exceptional performance.